Monday 2 December 2013

Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 100km Reliability Trial.

Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 100 KM reliability trial attracted 93 entrants, with 73 returning to the HQ at Merley by 14:15pm. There were no incidents reported but the roads were slippery in places. The third event in the series is the 75 mile trial on 12th January 2014.
100km Finishers List
Abbott Jason
Axon Paul
Bardsley Adam
Baugnit Nick
Baynham Mark
Campbell Lizzy
Canham Paul
Chadbourne Mark
Charles Sandra
Clemas Jon
Conway Sean
Coombes Steve
Corbin Stuart
Courage Mike
Courage Chris
Davies Samuel
Davis Simon
Davis Chris
Deluca Paolo
Down Lawrence
Durant Peter
Evans Phil
Evans Ross
Fielding Harrison
Fisher Rob
Fisher Martyn
Ford Philip
Freeman Mark
French Danny
Gordon Steve
Graham Andy
Green Simon
Griffiths Rob
Groome Steve
Gutteridge Lee
Harboard David
Hardwicke Mark
Harris Craig
Harvey Philip
Hemming Keith
Hicks Dave
Ingles Neil
Jewer Dean
Johnson Iain
Jupp Peter
Keightley Ben
Kelly Chris
Kelly Chris
Khan Andy
King Stuart
Lawes Aaron
Lewis Darren
Makepeace John
Makepeace David
Manning Paul
Maundrell Maggie
May Will
Miller Matthew
Minden David
Paulley Rob
Paulley Dean
Penny Andy
Peters Gary
Pusey David
Rattue Peter
Redhead Peter
Ridge Kevin
Rowe Cliff
Rumball Keith
Sergeant Paul
Silman Rupert
Singleton Mark
Smith Bob
Stevenson Neil
Stocker Tom
Strickland Tony
Tilley Roland
Tonkin Simon
Tucker Lee
Wall John
Wallis Matthew
Walter Richard
Walter Michelle
Whitfield Paul
Williams John

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