Sunday 10 November 2013

Bournemouth Arrow CC 50 Mile Reliability Trial

Making a welcome return to the autumn calendar, the Bournemouth Arrow 50 mile reliability trial attracted a super entry of 84 riders. Low numbers on a rain soaked day some five years ago had seen the club call time on their only reliability trial. The Arrow however are on the up: the healthy turn out reflects the confidence running through Bournemouth’s senior club and young legs kept the average age only slightly higher than the average speed. Course designer, Steve Moss had done his homework, providing an interesting, varied and, at times, challenging route across the New Forest. (a 33 mile option was availlable for those that "needed" to get off home) “Mossy” policed the fast boys in the early miles, passing puncture victims from the slower groups in the mucky lanes around Woodfalls. The former roadman/sprinter looked impressive on his MTB but it couldn’t last, gracefully slipping off the back at Nomansland. Along the Ornamental drive to Brockenhurst the tailwind kids you that you are fit, the headwind slog, back across Wilverly plain reminds you that there is room for improvement. Bright sunshine though, means sunglasses in November and no stiff breeze will spoil the fun. Through Burley and across Slap Bottom to Ripley and the pot-hole strewn Dragons Lane return’s us to the HQ at Bisterne village hall. Organiser, Sean Conway has done a good job as the Arrow back-room boys & girls serve up welcome tea and cake. Preceding the ride Moss had called the chattering groups to order, a minutes silence on this Remembrance Sunday. Paying respect to the fallen, others that gave so much, so that we can muck about on our bikes.


  1. Would have done this ride, but it was remembrance Sunday, shame it clashed

  2. Thanks Eamon, but wishfull thinking I'm afraid, Bob