Friday 3 August 2012

Good News from Jason Falconer

These words reach you from a revitalised Jason on his second month of recovery from 06 July road incident. So many thanks for your kind message; the level of support I have had through this time has been simply stunning from all my friends. You contributed from all over the U.K and were part of:- Sustrans colleagues, old friends, racing and sporting contacts and biking friends. School kids drew up 346 colour pictures with messages from a range of ages, so touching as well. The NHS have to be mentioned as well, they did a sterling job pulling me through the worst moments of this episode.
This august has to be a steady one for me, as my fractured clavicle returns to normal its unwise to ride a bike so I wont be pedalling til September. The brain has to be left alone as well so just a little work writing done, and none of my usual maniacing between schools and cycling jobs. Doctors advice is to come back in September for a recheck at which time my head scars should be fully recovered, and there will have fingers crossed been no brain incidents either.
The 73 year old driver who took me off has handed her license in to police and retired from driving for good accepting liability for crash, which seems reasonable to me. It does sound like the police see that as the end of the case, so British Cycling Insurers are pursuing a claim as you would expect. What bothers me more is simply the lack of responsibility shown by so many road users these days, with the increase in cycling and focus on sustainable transport we can only hope for better road conditions in the long term.
There will be updates on my Bike It Summer work coming onto the web as usual in due course, and Im really looking forward to Autumn term and even more Orienteering season starting so I can get out running in the forest again every weekend. I do hope that these words reach you in good health, and enjoying the summer break, please do keep in touch and will see you again.

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