Friday 20 January 2012

Frames for Sale

I’ve got about 12 new unused aluminium road bike frames, nothing poncy, just various makes like Raleigh, Coyote, Viking, and sizes, no forks or mech hangers, which aren’t much use to me. They are variously marked from storage but not dented. If interested let us know, I live in Brangore, looking for £20-30 each. If not, no worries I’ll stick them on ebay. I also have a lot of new Team UK Youth drinking bottles (couple of quid donation appreciated), and a few sets of Team UK Youth 2011 team bibshorts, LS and SS tops (these are a bit pricey though) Thanks Louis Home no. 01425 674489 or mobile 07818 403114 Mr.R.L. Bonney, Fundraising / Projects Director, 01425 675101 or 07818 403114

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