Tuesday 3 May 2011

Local Heroes, Trevor Fenwick

Image, Cycling Weekly

Trevor Fenwick (Bournemouth Jubilee WH) was there at the start and he is still going strong some 70 years later. Now living in France, Trevor, who will be 81 this month, regularly nips over the border to race in Belgium. Riding in the over 72 category, Trev is at least 5 years older than the competition. Racing in Belgium is nothing new for Fenwick, competing as an Independent (semi-pro) back in the 50s; he was one of the first riders to go abroad, lured by the prospect of racing every day. Spending about two years racing on the continent, including riding the Ardennes classics, Liege-Bastogne-Liege and Flech-Wallone, Trevor started to attract attention from some of the bigger teams. However, by this time Trevor was married and in the process of buying a house, so said goodbye to Belgium and professional bike racing and came home to England.
Trevor, the former cycling correspondent for the Bournemouth Echo, lost his wife, Betty, a few years back. He now spends most of his time living in France near his son, and grand children. Talking about his racing Trevor is as enthusiastic as ever.“The first events were a shock but I have now settled in and finished 2nd on the 28th April, at Westekerke. Our class rides with the over 68s, so the pace is fierce for me. The atmosphere is terrific, with rolling road closures, barriers for the last 200 meters, loudspeaker van and photo finish at all events. Of course I am riding in Bournemouth Jubilee colours.So far i have had two sevenths,1 fifth and two fourths. Last weekend i entered an over 60s event, giving away twenty years is little difficult! I was warned i would take a kicking and a kicking was duly delivered".

Result from Westekerke. 48km,10 laps (Trev tells me it ended in a sprint finish)
1, Willy Voobraek
2, Trevor Fenwick
3, Daniel Joons
4, Edward Battersby

I regularly see Trevor in the Lanes below Ringwood whenever he is back in Bournemouth. His smooth, low style instanly recognisable, confirmed by the ever present Prendas/Jubilee casquette.

see you up the road Trev!

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