Friday 22 April 2011

Bournemouth Track

Andrew Mayfield (Bournemouth Arrow)
Gerrish Gray DCDG
Eamonn Deane (BJW)
Steve Staniland (Radsport) Equipment Manager
Roger Papp BCC
John & Rosalie Hayter Wessex CTT

As the new cycling track in Bournemouth nears completion, the Bournemouth Cycling Centre took the opportunity to thank local organisations who have donated funds to support the new facility. In excess of £25000 has been raised and will be used to buy bikes and competition equipment.

Local clubs, Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers, Bournemouth Arrow/Hotel Collingwood and the Wessex branch of the CTC all made donations of £1000 and had representatives at the track as the first of the facilities bikes were delivered. Alan Mcrae, the centres manager said “It is important that all our donors are recognised, it’s great that the Jubilee, Arrow & CTT have people here today but we must also thank other funding agencies, Awards for All, Grass Roots, Community Goals and of course our own Dorset Cycling Development Group (DCDG) who all gave generously. In addition, Over £3500 came from individual donations, including one of £1000, many other individuals and organisations made smaller donations, some going back to our Winton days (the original plan, thrown out at the planning stage ,was to redevelop the old Winton track). We can be proud of the total raised and this is the Bournemouth Cycling Centres opportunity to record its thanks to all these donors. Without them BCC would not be so well equipped”

Technical problems with the sophisticated equipment used to lay the final track surface have delayed the opening of the new centre. Operations Manager, Roger Papp is hopeful of an official opening ceremony around mid June and the track available for use in early July.

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