Wednesday 26 February 2020

Sotonia CC Leg Loosener Time Trials, Start Lists

The 5th Sotonia CC Leg Loosener Saturday 29th February Nomansland, Wiltshire

This is the 5th edition of the event which this year has 106 riders.

9:01 Wout Davidse (Sotonia CC)
9:02 Madeline Grace Cooper (Chapel Tri Junior Triathlon Club)
9:03 Stephen Shepherd (Sotonia CC)
9:04 Colin Mooney (Portsdown Hill CC)
9:05 Melissa Eve Cooper (Chapel Tri Junior Triathlon Club)
9:06 Jason Harrison (Sotonia CC)
9:07 Mike Anderson (Club Cycliste Moncontourais)
9:08 Ryan Symington (Poole Whs)
9:09 Mark Allen (Sotonia CC)
9:10 Martin Turner (Nieuw Bos)
9:11 Joao Fernandes (DHC (Districts of Hamwic Cyclesport))
9:12 Craig Smith (Sotonia CC)
9:13 Matt Todd (Poole Whs)
9:14 Jonathan Vickers (Blazing Saddles)
9:15 Justin Ridgment (Sotonia CC)
9:16 Chris Tyler (Portsdown Hill CC)
9:17 Katie West (Salisbury Road and Mountain CC)
9:18 Aaron Navan (University of Southampton RC)
9:19 Connor Carey (Hargroves Cycles CC)
9:20 Jay Eastwood (Primera-Teamjobs)
9:21 Finlay Middlemiss (University of Southampton RC)
9:22 Leon Maidment (Sotonia CC)
9:23 Paul Whatley (Salisbury Road and Mountain CC)
9:24 Phil Morris (Fareham Wheelers CC)
9:25 Jordan Giles (University of Southampton RC)
9:26 Robert York (Christchurch Bicycle Club)
9:27 Katy Parsons (Salisbury Road and Mountain CC)
9:28 Lee Shirley (Sotonia CC)
9:29 Samuel Wood (University of Southampton RC)
9:30 Alex James (Nieuw Bos)
9:31 Tony Hamilton (Salisbury Road and Mountain CC)
9:32 Thomas Epton (University of Southampton RC)
9:33 Simon Lock (Poole Whs)
9:34 James Davenport (Nieuw Bos)
9:35 Vernon Schutte (Farnborough & Camberley CC)
9:36 David Welling (Farnham RC)
9:37 William Simmons (Christchurch Bicycle Club)
9:38 Ian Hayden (Tornado Road Cycling Club)
9:39 Rachel Clay (GS Vecchi)
9:40 Jeremy Hubbard (Hargroves Cycles CC)
9:41 Neil Dyble (Bournemouth Arrow CC)
9:42 David West (Salisbury Road and Mountain CC)
9:43 Michelle Walter (Bournemouth Arrow CC)
9:44 Mark Henrick (V C Meudon)
9:45 Damon Payne (Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA)
9:46 Lucy Mitchell (...a3crg)
9:47 Philip Dickson (Poole Whs)
9:48 Lizzy Stocker (Bournemouth Jubilee Whs)
9:49 Jamie Parkinson (GS Mossa)
9:50 Adrian Watkins (Tornado Road Cycling Club)
9:51 Tom Bandy (Portsdown Hill CC)
9:52 Ian Turner (Tornado Road Cycling Club)
9:53 Andrew Mayfield (Bournemouth Arrow CC)
9:54 Ian Sherin (3C Cycle Club)
9:55 Stephen Morphew (Poole Whs)
9:56 Sien Van Der Plank (University of Southampton RC)
9:57 Paul Mustow (Salisbury Road and Mountain CC)
9:58 Richard Wyeth (Tornado Road Cycling Club)
9:59 Henry Salmon (University of Southampton RC)
10:00 Chrissie Slot (Jadan CycleSpace- Vive Le Velo)
10:01 Mike Garner (...a3crg)
10:02 Will Page (Primera-Teamjobs)
10:03 Darren Anderson (Spinners and Grinders Cycle Club)
10:04 Jerry Bromyard (...a3crg)
10:05 Helen Mckay (Les Filles Racing Team)
10:06 Angela Carpenter (...a3crg)
10:07 Thomas Piloni (Poole Whs)
10:08 Drew Hosie (...a3crg)
10:09 Bob Richardson (Bournemouth Jubilee Whs)
10:10 Brook Elgie (Sotonia CC)
10:11 Alexander Ballinger (Farnborough & Camberley CC)
10:12 Tom Stocker (Bournemouth Jubilee Whs)
10:13 Neil Mackley (...a3crg)
10:14 Stephen Swindley (Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA)
10:15 Dave Dent (GS Stella)
10:16 James Peckham (Sotonia CC)

10:18 Gawain Young (Sotonia CC)
10:19 Andrew Oakey (University of Southampton RC)
10:20 Jamie Franklin (Velo Club Venta)
10:21 Joseph Chant (University of Southampton RC)
10:22 Robert Jolliffe (New Forest CC)
10:23 Lucy Gadd (Storey Racing)
10:24 Oliver Hurdle (University of Southampton RC)
10:25 Jon Dudley (Sotonia CC)
10:26 Dean Hendry (GS Mossa)
10:27 Mike Boyce (...a3crg)
10:28 Sherif Attia (University of Southampton RC)
10:29 Toni Wilkes (Project 51)
10:30 Ian Hatch (Sotonia CC)
10:31 Darren Lyons (Velo Club Venta)
10:32 Louisa Cooper (Bournemouth Jubilee Whs)
10:33 Kirsty Mcseveney (...a3crg)
10:34 Stuart Thompson (Velo Club St Raphael)
10:35 Arthur Boulton (Vision Innovative Leisure Racing Team)
10:36 Darren Orchard (Wessex Road Club)
10:37 Julian Lockwood (Primera-Teamjobs)
10:38 Bryce Dyer (AeroCoach)
10:39 Aron Kelly (New Forest CC)
10:40 Evan Jardine-skinner (Sotonia CC)
10:41 David Triska (Team Bottrill)
10:42 James Fox (Velo Club Venta)
10:43 Craig Haslam (Velo Club St Raphael)
10:44 Jason Gault (Primera-Teamjobs)
10:45 James Fawcett (...a3crg)
10:46 Matthew Buckley (Velo Club St Raphael)

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