Thursday 27 December 2018

Boxing Day 10 : What Was said....

The New Forset CC Boxing Day 10 attracted 60 entrants plus four tandem pairings this year. The race has seen a recent resurgence after nearly disappearing from the calendar with numbers dipping below 30 back in 2011. Long may it continue! We spoke with the winners at the Bisterne Village hall HQ, asking Julia Shaw about mixing racing and coaching and after his course record ride, Ken Buckley about peaking too early....

Julia Shaw
...."When it comes to the really serious training and you have to train harder than you perhaps want to for fun, if you are committing everything, then its very difficult for me to get back to that place, i have done it for so long, i am a bit lazy theses days. Its nice to feel i have the knowledge to know what to do in training if i wanted to do but i know i am not giving it 100% , i am sort of hovering around 80%, i am not sure if i should put a number on it".......
Ken Buckley
......"Ha Ha Quite the opposite, my season went on really late, i was still racing in November, i did not really take a break, so i am doing a few time trials to keep the motivation up and to roll straight into next season, i am joining a new team next year, we have not got our race bikes yet so all my training is on the TT bike, its all i have got, it must be working. I had a week off but if you take a break too late the season starts and you are behind, i will be fine The reason i signed up for today was to make sure i did not overindulge yesterday, it worked i am off for a big lunch now"...
Race Organiser Catherine Pascoe
"Numbers were good this year,I didn't realise that the course record had been broken That's pretty amazing for a winter time trial! It also answers my question to Roger Bacon ( organiser of the first Boxing Day 10 some 40 years ago) about what the fastest time for a Boxing Day 10 is. I know that the slowest time was done on a penny farthing a few years ago! "

Alan Murchison
"...reasonble legs forthis time of the year, time for some quality street...."

Julian Lockwood
"....riding in a polyester Santa Clauus suit was NOT a good idea......"

Mick Waite, Promoter February's Perfs Pedal Race
...."lets hope the weather stays like this for another six weeks"

Anon ..."Can you send me a picture, i want to look at my position"

Anon ...."are you going to the pub now?"

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