Monday 6 March 2017

Severn Bridge Road Race: What Did We Learn?

Five things we learned at the Severn Bridge Road Race at Bristol

1 Spirit Tifosi RT are the real deal:
The Spirit Tifosi squad put three riders in the break and always looked comfortable. They had a race plan to support Clemens and it worked perfectly with Passfield committed to his leader and Doug Coleman well placed to counter from behind. After their clean sweep at the Dolticini Classic the three riders in the top ten here proved this team are on a roll. VC Eqipe-Flix also rode well and got three in the break, George Smith, Lee Frost & Oscar Hutchings, that recent warm weather training camp paying off.

2 Matt Langworthy Definitely one to Watch:
If Langworthy is up the road you need to be too! The 20 year old is in sparkling form, he won the Devon Primavera road race last month, was at the front of the race all day in Bristol and can knock out a 19 minute 10' if needed. Dont let him get away!

3 It could have been different:
A crash in the bunch on a straight piece of road seemed to take the sting out of the chasers. The gap was only 50 seconds at the time and with some strong legs missing the move the break could not relax. The "chute" ended the day for Elliot Porter & Will Bjergfelt (Neon Velo CT), two riders who could have combined with others to reduce the deficit. After the crash the gap went out to 1 minute 40.

4 White only looks good once:
New Team Wiggins signings, Etienne Georgi & Ashley Dennis rode strong and smart but the new white kit will never be out of the washing machine this spring!

5 We need local heroes:
Organiser Brian O'Kelly put on a great race on a new course that provided more than few logistical challenges. After the tragic death of Junior Heffernan in the Severn Bridge road race of 2013, Kelly could, understandably have stepped aside but the will to continue was always there. His relaxed demeanour rubs off on his great support team, members and friends of the Bristol Road Club, race officials and national escort group. In these risk assessed, cotton wool wrapped times they truly are O'Kelly's Heroes

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