Sunday, 24 July 2016

Local Riders, Local Races, Thanks a Million!

It’s about the riders; it’s always about the riders! Here at “LR, LR” we like the riders to take centre stage but just occasionally we blow our own trumpet. This is one of those occasions, five years after our humble site was launched (with its naff headlines) we have just clocked up our 1000,000th view, not all unique of course but repeat views must mean we are doing something right!

You’re a legend really appreciate everything you do for the sport. LRLR is a fantastic resource - thanks again!”

Big thank you to our advertisers, particularly Primera-Sport who have supported us from the early days and a big thank you also for all the results, reports, start lists, news, gossip etc, could not do it without your help.

Eamonn Deane

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