Friday 29 May 2015

Portsmouth North End CC Summer Road Race, Start List

PNECC Summer Road Race – Saturday 6 June 2015
96 Km/60 Miles for 2nd and 3rd Category Riders
Race Start: 1000
Held Under British Cycling Technical Regulations
Sponsored by
Race HQ
Owslebury Parish Hall
SO21 1LN

1 Paul Giles 3 Portsmouth North End CC
2 Tom Morris 2 Portsmouth North End CC
3 Angus Mathers 3 ASL Projects Racing Team
4 George Stainton-Ellis 2 ASL Projects Racing Team
5 Danny Axford 2 Arctic Tacx RT
6 Ben Bradley 3 Army Cycling Union
7 Robert McGrath 3 Army Cycling Union
8 Oscar Hutchings 2 Bikeshed – Exeter Uni
9 James Vanieris 3 Blazing Saddles Cycles
10 Chris Courage 3 Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers
11 Harrison Fielding 2 Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers
12 Krzystof Chrostek 2 Cardiff Ajax CC
14 Dean Hitchings 3 Cotswold Cycles RT
15 Rob Yeatman 2 Cotswold Cycles RT
16 Andrew Carter 2
17 Harry Veale 2
18 Dave Dalton 3 Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
19 Gareth Dickinson 2 Farnborough & Camberley CC
20 James Archibald 2 G.S. Henley
21 Henry Robertshaw 2 Glendene CC
22 Graham Crow 2 Handsling Racing
23 Malcolm Cross 3 Hargroves Cycles – Ridley RT
24 Will Houghton 2 Hillingdon Cycling Club
25 Scott Holmes 2 Hillingdon Cycling Club
26 Thomas Kirk 3
27 James Plumb 2
28 Joseph Clark 3J I-team Cyclists’ Club
29 Callum Clarke 3 Kingston Wheelers CC
30 Ian Taylor 2 Leicester Forest CC
31 Luke Nolan 2 Live2Ride Sunwise
32 Joseph Henstridge 2 NFTO Race Club
33 Andrew Self 3 North Hampshire RC
34 Samuel Wadsley 3J Poole Wheelers CC
35 Jack Billyard 2J RP Racing Team
No Name Cat Club
36 Lee Davis 2 Ride 24/7
37 Roland Tilley 3
38 Patryk Rucki 2 Skinline Racing Club
39 Ben Scott-Munden 3 Sotonia CC
40 Andrew Lockwood 3 Southampton University RC
41 Scott Michaels 3 Southampton University RC
42 Greg Tognarelli 2 Southdowns Bikes – Casco
43 Lubomir Belak 2 St Ives CC
44 Albert Ellison 2 TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT
45 Andy Shackel 2 Team Wiggle
46 Tim Wiggins 3 Team Wiggle
47 Ben Lockett 3 Tri UK
48 James Bradley 2 Twickenham CC
49 Alastair Barnard 2 University of Bath Cycling Club
50 Liam Bromiley 2 University of Bath Cycling Club
51 Peter Hitt 2 VC Meudon
52 Roger Theron 2 VC Meudon
53 David Billings 2 VC St Raphael
54 Rowan Horner 2 VC St Raphael
55 Liam Walsh 2 VC St Raphael
56 Daniel Halksworth 2 Velo Sport Jersey
57 Joseph Petrowski 2 Velosure Starley Primal
58 Matthew Allsopp 3 Wightlink,LCM Systems Cycle RT
59 Sam Baker 3 Wightlink,LCM Systems Cycle RT
60 James Ebdon 2 Wightlink,LCM Systems Cycle RT
61 Ian Hayden 3 Wightlink,LCM Systems Cycle RT


62 Gregory Holmes 3J Hillingdon Cycling Club
63 Will Griffiths 3 Southampton University RC
64 Andrew Critchlow 3 WyndyMilla
65 Mark Valentine 3 Poole Wheelers CC

1st £150 30
2nd £120 25
3rd £100 21
4th £80 17
5th £70 14
6th £60 12
7th £50 10
8th £40 8
9th £30 7
10th £20 6
11th £10 5
12th £10 4
13th £10 3
14th £10 2
15th £10 1

BENCHMARX – Prime Awards
Lap 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
2 £40 £30 £20 £10
3 £40 £30 £20 £10
4 £40 £30 £20 £10
5 £40 £30 £20 £10
6 £40 £30 £20 £10

BC Technical Regulation 13.3 – No rider shall be entitled to any prime or lap prize unless he completes the full distance of the race, or satisfies the Chief Commissaire that his retirement is due to some good and sufficient reason.

Course Details
The race roll out from the HQ will be neutralised along Longwood Road toward the crossroad junction with Belmore Lane (M). At the junction turn right onto Belmore Lane where, once safe, the race will be de-neutralised. Immediately after the crest of the first hill the road drops away to the left followed by a sharp right hand bend where extreme care is needed. After a series of rolling hills the race turns left (M) into Salt Lane and climbs up to The Milburys Pub crossroads. Just before cresting the Salt Lane climb riders will cross the finish line for the first time (there will be a further 7 laps). At the crossroads (M) the race turns left for a fast decent followed by a sharp climb to the Longwood Road junction, at the junction the race turns left (M) and descends to the junction with Belmore Lane where the race will turn left (M) to complete the circuit. Riders will pass the finish line 8 (eight) times in total.
Prime Awards
Once riders cross the finish line on the first occasion the lap board will show 7 laps to go, thereafter there will be 5 sprint laps for Prime Awards, followed by the bell lap (1 to go). *Please note BC Technical Regulation 13.3 - this prevents any rider sprinting for a Prime only to climb off after the finish line. If any rider fails to finish following a Prime Award he will be removed and then all riders move up one slot. Happy sprinting!

Sponsored by
Race HQ
Owslebury Parish Hall
SO21 1LN

Officials: Chief Commissaire – Mick Metcalf

Assistant Commissaire - Gregg James

Chief Judge – Gary Smith

Lead Car 1 - Mike Simpson + Terry Deex

Lead Car 2 - Paul Martin + Keith Jarrett

Assistant Judges - Harry Jackson + Dave Swaffer + Graham Coleman

First Aid - Collingwood Medical Services

Race Service - Dave Edwards + Rob Panter

Race Support - National Escort Group (x 4)
Accredited Marshals (x 13)

Organiser: Mark Williams (

Sponsor: The Regional Director, Kenny Devlin, will present the Prime prizes upon race completion.
Thank You: To all the volunteers, race support and race officials, without whose assistance the promotion of this event would not have been possible.

Race Information
• Race HQ will be open from 0830.
• Parish Hall has limited parking for official cars and bikes. Competitor parking is minimal and an overspill is Glebe Field (100m on from the Race HQ). Please park sensibly.
• Please do not block access through the village.
• Race briefings will take place within Race HQ: for all officials and volunteers at 0930; for all riders 0945.
• Race numbers are to be securely attached and not folded or reduced in size.
• Riders are to form up no more than two abreast at the start of the neutralised zone (outside Race HQ). Again, please do not obstruct traffic passing through the village.
• Riders are to obey the laws of the road at all times and should not take actions that place other road users or fellow competitors at risk.
• Disciplinary Rules apply to all riders - there is to be no discarding of litter on the circuit. Any infringements will be dealt with by the Chief Commissaire.
• Juniors are reminded of gear restriction (7.93m = 52x14).
• Only Official cars are to form part of the race convoy.
• Riders that are dropped from the main peloton are to exercise extreme caution. The Chief Judge will inform riders when they are to be withdrawn from the race.
• Please wear your Club/Team jersey for the awards of Primes and overall prizes. Thank you.

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