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Winchester Criterium 2014

Following the success of the 2013 edition Winchester City council are seeking bids from organisers for 2014.
1.1 Introduction
Winchester City Council has established a standardised approach to the commissioning of services, projects and programmes. Whilst the Council has delivered work for many years through a variety of partner organisations, businesses and community groups, it now seeks to open up contractual opportunities more widely to encourage new approaches, efficiency and greater transparency of decision-making. More details HERE

This specification sets out the context, requirements and anticipated outcomes for the co-ordination of the Winchester Criterium 2014.

Winchester City Council aims to create a lasting legacy for the London 2012 Olympic Games locally by staging sporting events that help re-generate the community spirit that was witnessed in Winchester throughout the various events over the summer of 2012. Therefore, the core aim of this project is to engage the community as spectators, as active participants and as business partners in a large scale public event that will see a series of high speed cycle races which we anticipate taking place on Sunday 17 August 2014 from 2pm to 7pm. Building on the success of the 2013 event, a cycle fun day is to take place in the city centre earlier that day, specifically targeted to family audiences and for visitors/shoppers in the city centre.

As well as introducing dynamism to the city scape, this event will also underline the role of safe cycling as a fun, family friendly sport that is both environmentally friendly and healthy.

1.2 The Policy Context
The Winchester District Community Strategy (2010 to 2020) sets out three overarching outcome areas, in which the Council and its partner agencies are committed to delivering real change for local people. These are: Active Communities, Economic Prosperity and a High Quality Environment.

This commission is designed to support all three of these outcomes of the Community Strategy.

We intend to engage the community and encourage them to be active in and around the district; we are inviting businesses to support us as sponsors and ensuring a boost to city centre footfall throughout the day; and, in publicity and also during the Criterium, we will promote the benefits of cycling as an alternative to other forms of transport in terms of carbon emissions.

1.3 London 2012 and the Legacy
The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games brought sport and physical activity to the forefront for communities and provided a catalyst to engage with people locally and promote active and healthy lifestyles. Events are able to show the social and cultural elements as well the health benefits of sport. They also encourage and inspire people to be more active and remain in people’s minds and conversations for many years.

In Winchester, there was a very positive response to the programme of events linked to the Games, with an estimated participation of 80,000 overall. Large-scale events proved to be particularly popular, and there is a clear appetite for more of these in the coming years.

1.4 Project Aims
The aims of this event are to:
- encourage and increase cycling participation across the Winchester District.
- draw a large number of spectators to the event, to generate a vibrant atmosphere and create business opportunities for local retailers/pubs/eateries.
- engage with businesses to ensure that they both support and benefit from the opportunities presented.
- promote cycling opportunities across the Winchester District as part of our local leisure/tourism product.
- promote cycling as an alternative form of transport for e.g. commuting.

The project should support the Council’s aspiration to host high quality, well attended community events in future years, which is also reflected in the Winchester District Sport and Physical Activity Legacy Framework 2013-2018 as part of the Olympic Legacy.

2) The Commission
The Council seeks to commission an individual or an organisation to provide an effective project management and support service up to and including the period when the Winchester Criterium will take place.

The overall outcome of this commission is:

The delivery of a well-supported, well-managed and memorable cycling event which provides a wide range of economic, social and health benefits to the Winchester District.

2.1 Required Activities
In delivering the above outcome, the following core activities must be carried out by the commissioned organisation or individual:

a) Arrange and prepare a suitable course from both sporting and safety perspectives.
b) Facilitate the relationship between relevant agencies to create agreements central to the success of the event, such as any road closures needed for the race route.
c) Provide sufficient accommodation and facilities to cater for the volume of teams, media, officials and spectators visiting the area.

2.2 Required Documentation
As part of the overall delivery of the event, the commissioned organisation/individual will be expected develop the following documentation in close partnership with officers at Winchester City Council:
a) a comprehensive Event Management Plan which will meet the standards of the Winchester District Safety Advisory Group
b) a detailed and measurable marketing and communications plan
c) a financial plan detailing income and expenditure and an achievable sponsorship income target
d) monitoring and reporting system, including accurate financial monitoring

A full evaluation report will be required following the debrief meeting after the event.

2.3 Liaison with Major Stakeholders
It is the responsibility of the event organiser to engage fully with these stakeholders and ensure that their contribution is fully recognised in all marketing and publicity.

• Winchester City Council
• British Cycling
• Hampshire County Council
• Winchester Business Improvement District
• VC Venta Cycling Club
• Winchester Rotary

2.4 Performance Management
Winchester City Council will gauge the success of this project using the following performance measures:

Outcome The delivery of a well-supported, well-managed and memorable cycling event which provides a wide range of economic, social and health benefits to the Winchester District.

Performance Measures

(Targets to be agreed at inception) • Numbers of spectators / city centre footfall reports
• Numbers of participants
• Numbers of volunteer stewards
• Amount of sponsorship generated
• Feedback from public, business community, major stakeholders and participants
• Advertising equivalent value of PR achieved
• Adherence to the requirements of this brief
• Adherence to agreed protocols (For example Winchester City Council communications procedures)
• Level of sponsorship generated

2.5 Anticipated Characteristics of the Successful Bidder
Bids are invited from any individual or organisation in the private, public or voluntary sector with the appropriate expertise and capacity to deliver this event.

Whilst the Council has no preconceived view about the type of provider suitable for this commission, it does expect the successful bidder to have the knowledge, skills and capacity in some or all of the following areas:

o Extensive working knowledge of events management, including thorough understanding of health and safety and good practice
o Strong skills in communication, marketing, web site management and social media
o Excellent organisational/project management skills
o Track record of effective partnership working
o Proven experience in income generation via sponsorship or grants

2.5 Fee
The maximum fee for this commission is £10,000 (excluding VAT) for the period 1 December 2013 to 30 September 2014, payable against satisfactory proof of delivery against the agreed project plan and achievement of agreed levels against the above performance measures.

No additional funds will be available for travel or other expenses, unless the Council specifically chooses to fund goods or works that are deemed to be required to fulfil the brief effectively and which are agreed in writing in advance.

The event organiser will be expected to underwrite the event delivery costs, and to hold the necessary insurances/indemnities including £10m public liability.

2.6 Monitoring Arrangements
The successful event organiser will attend a monthly liaison meeting with the Council’s Head of Sports and Physical Activity, presenting a short monitoring report detailing main activities carried out and setting out performance in relation to the indicators detailed in this brief.

In addition, an end-of-contract evaluation report will be required to review the success of the commission.
3) Making a Bid

3.1 Eligibility to Bid
This commission has been advertised on the South East Business Portal and via local and regional networks including the British Cycling website. Bids may be submitted by any organisation (private, public, voluntary sector) which considers itself able to fulfil the brief effectively or indeed by an individual on the same basis. Where individuals or organisations feel they would benefit from working together to provide the service, the Council will accept bids from a combination of partners. However, the contract will only be with one lead individual or organisation and this lead partner must be made clear in the submission.

3.2 Key Milestones

Activity Deadline/date

Submission of written bids 5pm on 10th November 2013
Evaluation panel meeting 15 November 2013
Interviews and Presentations 19 November 2014
Inception meeting 25 November
Contract starts 2 December 2013
Sponsorship secured 28 February 2014
Planned event date 17 August 2014, 2pm – 7pm
Contract finishes 30 September 2014

Please note these dates in your diary as they cannot be changed to accommodate individual bidders.

The evaluation panel will expect to meet those responsible for delivery the event at interview, and not other company/organisational representatives.

3.3 Content of a Bid
There is no set format for a bid, but you must include the following information:
• Full description of the organisation(s) including governance arrangements, or for individuals – a current CV
• For lead organisations, a copy of the most recent annual accounts, your latest management accounts and balance sheet
• A clear description not exceeding 3 A4 pages of how you propose to deliver the event, describing the expertise available for delivery (NB excessively long or jargon-ridden bids are likely to score lower than concise and well presented bids)
• A general statement explaining how you meet the evaluation criteria for the commission set out below
• Two referees for work of a comparable nature

3.4 Evaluation Process and Criteria
All bids will be evaluated in the following sequence:
• Preliminary assessment against evaluation criteria by Head of Sport and Physical Activity to eliminate bids which do not meet the criteria
• Short listing by a panel including representatives of Winchester City Council and British Cycling.
• Due diligence checks on shortlisted organisations
• Presentations by up to three individuals/organisations to the panel

The evaluation criteria which will be applied to all bids are as follows:

a) Ability and capacity of the bidder(s) to deliver the event, based on
• approach to service delivery, including customer focus
• relevant skills and experience
• response to this brief, and to the commissioning approach more broadly
(maximum 50 marks)

b) Capacity of the bidder(s) to deliver the project within the timescale set
(maximum 10 marks)

c) Stability and reliability of bidder (eg track record, financial status)
(maximum 20 marks)

d) Value for money of the bid (e.g. day rates, proposed enhancements to main project, access to additional funding, local knowledge)
(maximum 20 marks)

3.5 Contracting Arrangements
Following the selection of the preferred bidder, a follow-up meeting may be arranged for further information or clarification. Assuming this is satisfactory, there will be discussion of the final performance indicator set which will form the basis of monthly monitoring arrangements.

A service order will then be issued, and must be accepted within two weeks in order for the contract to begin on 2nd December 2013. Please note that it can take up to two weeks to set up a new supplier on the City Council’s system, and a further week for a first invoice to be processed.

Payment for this work will be in stages, including 50% in December 2013 and the final 50% on delivery of the evaluation report in September 2014. The remaining tranches can be paid according to the needs of the project plan.

4) Deadline
Please submit your bid electronically by 5pm on Sunday 10th November 2013 to:
Amanda Ford
Head of Sport and Physical Activity
Winchester City Council


For an informal discussion about the commission, contact Amanda Ford, Head of Sport and Physical Activity on 01962 848 274 or email

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