Monday 8 August 2011

Bournemouth Cycling Centre: A success!

Bournemouth's new Cycling Centre has exceeded all expectations. Within its first month of operation the Centre is now booked almost every evening in the week through to the end of August. Of the 100 local riders going through Track Rider Accreditation training, nearly 25% are on the Fast Track process and all are heading towards Track Competition competance in time for the 2012 season.

In addition to use by local riders, British Cycling have used the track to host it's National School of Racing Programme developing under 16 age group Olympic Track Cycling hopefulls.

Bournemouth Cycling Centre's Alan McRae says "Starting from scratch, in just 4 weeks, nearly 500 individual track cycling opportunities have been provided, we've had bookings from traditional cycling clubs such as the Bournemouth Arrow, Bournemouth Jubilee and Poole Wheelers as well as newer groups like J P Morgan, RideBike and UKBiking. How frustrating it is that use during the evenings will be curtailed shortly as the summer ends."

Anne Stevens, who will be running the Saturday morning sessions on 13th and 20th August, says

"I'm particularly keen to welcome women to these sessions to try this exciting form of cycling, I didn't start till my mid forties and just loved it, so it is never too late!"

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