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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Dorset Miles, Bear Cross Sunday Ride.

Four riders at Bear Cross, the earlier start time of 09:00 was obviously not to everyones liking. A shorter ride for this final Sunday of 2012 and an old favourite. Wimborne via Canford then up to Colehill. Down to Grange, then Pig Oak, Gaunts & Chalbury Common and Horton. Haythorne, Woodlands and on to the B 3078 to Wimborne St Giles. We took a chance on the lane through Monkton Up Wimborne,this back road is below the level of the surrounding fields and we were already wet when an amused local informed us it was thigh deep further on, we had no choice but to retrace. We had added a couple of miles to the total but to add insult to injury it was now raining. Back to the main road and straight to Sixpenny Handley, the rain had stopped as we started the climb of Garston Down it drags on but is never steep, the descent to Woodminton & Bowerchalke is shorter with gravel on the right hander at the bottom. Through the watercress fields to Broadchalke, before climbing Knowle Hill. Not quite as high as Garston but a lot harder and the older legs were left behind. The wind at the top is strong and in our faces as we cross the old ox drove and scream down to the A354. Martin, Tidpit,the climb over to Cranborne and we are back on the 3078, its hard into the wind now, a front wheel puncture gives us a break but it is unwelcome. Left at Furzehill and back up to Colehill, the drop to Canford Bottom is a blast. Longham, Parley Cross and home with the wind now behind. 3hrs 44

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